Jia Day Master – Yang Earth (甲)

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Jia Day Master

The „Day Master” is a term used in Chinese astrology to describe yourself. It is the main character in your play and it is the starting point to describe any relations in your natal chart. In BaZi we can create a natal chart according to the day, month, year and hour when you were born, translated in 8 characters, also known as BaZi. These 8 characters are grouped in 4 pillars, and each pillar represents something. These pillars are found under the hour, day, month and year. The upper part of the element or character represents the heavenly stems and they are given by the ten elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, water, each with a yin and yang polarity. The lower part is called the earthly branches, given by the twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac.

Today we are going to talk about JIA Day Master or 甲, THE YANG EARTH. You can find more information about JIA in the attached PDF- Jia-Yang Wood

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