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Questions and Answers
Hello everyone! Todays post „Questions and Answers” is all about answering all your questions. Let’s get started!
Q: from a Feng Shui perspective, how can I activate the North West or West corner of an estate/apartment?


A: One way to do this, from a Feng Shui perspective, is with water. This is not the only way though. Use clear, moving water, especially if the 8 star is positive, or any other money stars. A simple way to achieve this is to install a small water fountain, at a time and date selected by a Feng Shui consultant, in one of these corners, in order to activate the wealth stars and to bring immediate results.

Q: how often do I have to do a Feng Shui audit for a house?


A:  One audit is enough for a house or an apartment. The results can be noticed shortly after the audit. The consultant will recommend the placement of the cures/remedies according to the corner/areas of the house that need remedial work. In addition to the general remedies for the house, the consultant might add extra cures for the year, to add an extra protection for the specific year. These ones change from year to year. The general ones remain the same. However, if your house or apartment suffers structural changes, for example, you add an extra room, you change the walls, the bedroom is moved to a different location, then you need another Feng Shui audit. Again, if the inhabitants of the abode go through a major life change, one may request another audit.

** for Alina, Cluj

Q: What is the usage of Green Dragon Returns in QiMen dun Jia?


A: Green Dragon Returns is classified as one of the best formations in QiMen. It is formed of Heaven Jia Stem+ Earth Bing Stem. It all depends a lot on what type of gate is available when the activation is made. It is a structure that is used for wealth and usually for any activity to attract money. For example, you send an email to your superior to ask for a raise, you create a business plan, you sign important contracts, any activity that from your point of view is potentially meant to attract money. Of course, this wish for money and wealth has to be within the established limits that is we shouldn’t imagine we win one million dollars in a lottery but we haven’t bought any lottery tickets.


For example, 9 May 2019, is a Green Dragon Returns all day on North East. Even if it is in DE (reduced power) during the day, there is another powerful god in the palace, called Chief, but also a positive gate. In a good hour, with your back to North East, we have nothing to do in a day like this but to wish or imagine or send that email to the boss.

Q: Using QiMen dun Jia, how do I know if my position within the company is threatened?


A: As we already know, Open Door or Kai Men may represent the job or the staff. Obstruct Door or Du Men may represent the executive tier or a person with decision power in the company. If in the QM forecasting, in the palace where the two gates are situated, there is a control relationship with the palace of the day, getting a promotion is out of the question. The possibility that the person to be moved to another department or on another tier is high. The situation is even more complicated when Void or DE appears in the palace where the Open Door is at the moment of the forecast. The scenario is even worse when we find Open Door with Geng or Geng/Ren.


** for Miriam, Spania

Q: What is Open Door in QiMen?


A: Known as Kai Men or Open Door in QiMen, it is a good door, especially if it is in the South West palace. It represents new beginnings, inaugurations, official positions, it smooth’s things off in marketing campaigns.

In QiMen forecasting it is used especially to analyse: career or the position in a company. In travelling it represents the airplane. If it is found in the Life Palace it represents a cheerful, sociable, generous person without a secret agenda.

As all the rest of the things in life, it also has a negative side, it is not advisable to use when you go to visit your doctor or have surgery. The wound will not heal quickly.


** for Ciprian, California

Q: In Feng Shui, according to the Xuan Kong or Flying Star School, which star is related to diabetes?


A: The illness star is star 2. It is considered an Earth star and it is associated with the spleen, pancreas, immunity issues, digestive complaints, stomach and pessimism.

As you might know, up to 2024 we are still in Period 8, from Feng Shui point of view. From February 2024 we will start with another, Period 9.

In this time span, the span of 8, star 2 is regarded as negative. Starting with 2024, star 2 becomes a healing star.

As you probably know, according to the Flying Star School, we have the stars of the house, the stars of the year, month and even day. In 2019, until February 2020, star 2 is in North East.


** pentru Ioana, Cluj

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