Fear Door or Why I am Afraid (2)

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We all know that QiMen Dun Jia is a system that belongs to the Chinese metaphysical arts that translates as “hiding the emperor in the gate”, where the emperor is you, or that person that requested the analysis. We also know that QiMen can offer between 1 and 8 solutions, so that we can choose the best option for our actions.

Or course this also depends on the QiMen specialist, who can determine the direction or identifies the right door for the positive energies to help you. In this case, there are 8 doors or gates that represent the condition and the human circumstances associated to the palace (direction) where they appear. These doors in QiMen govern the human action and strategy. In QiMen Dun Jia they are named after their qualities, when their yin and their yang and their five elements and the trigrams are positioned in one of the 9 palaces or areas.

Lets now talk a bit about what the Fear Door means in QiMen. As you probably already know, Fear Door is regarded as a Metal door, because originally it can be found in the West Palace (Dui Palace).

Fear Door cannot be regarded as totally good or totally bad, although originally it is a negative door. It depends a lot on what it is used for and when. For example, I use Fear Door when I choose a parking spot and I am by myself and it is late at night. In this circumstance, potential ill-wishers will perceive me as a force to be feared. It can also be used when you want to impress someone.

But you have to be careful as this means you will impress them in fearing you. My students can certainly remember the example I give with the choice of the parking spot. If I don’t want my neighbours to park in my spot, I use this door. Generally, Fear Door means or can cause:

  • Catching bad guys, criminals
  • Issuing a warning
  • Creating suspicions
  • Panic
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Protection

One exception-Fear door must not be used for financial aspects or for health issues. If we think of people who launch an aggressive marketing campaign, with a certain target against the competition, then, yes, we can use this door called fear.

Sometimes when I’m at a Feng Shui audit and I check the QiMen on my tablet. The position of the Fear door in the house usually displays the most activity, noise, and most of the times it is the untidiest area of the house (no, it is not the closet lol).

The people who display this door in their natal chart in the palace of the life (calculated from the date and the hour of birth) are usually practical people and very organised. These people demand respect by their attitude and by what they do. They display high organisational, analytical and planning skills. These people listen to their bosses and they don’t raise much objection. In other words, they get the job done and they make things happen. They can choose a military career or one in sales. They can also be teachers, coaches, solicitors. As parents, they can seem strict in their relations with their children, but on the other hand they can also be very well structured and very loving.


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