I am going to Party? How About You?

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It seem like a boring party…

It’s Saturday night and I’m at a party in Cluj, Yes, hard to believe, but I do party 🙂 . I’ve been working all week to these Feng Shui projects and I’m pretty proud of myself. I managed to find a “magic” formula which has the potential to bring new income for a newly launched business venture. It is a project I love a lot, a production hall at the outskirts of Cluj.

I take a detached look around. Although I am from Cluj, a small town for some, I don’t know many people at this party.

As I sit there smiling around with a glass of soda in my hand, a couple asks me if the new houses built in Floresti behind the Metro store have a good or bad Feng Shui. I try to explain to them in a few words what good Feng Shui means and I try to make them understand that I have no idea which is the area they are talking about.

A lady, about 35 yers old or so, overhears our conversation and she wants to know about her house. She’s just finished renovating her house and she’s changed the colour of the drapes in her bedroom. She wants to know if that will impact the Feng Shui or not. I’m trying my best to reply that, according to the traditional Feng Shui, colour is not that important.

I’m looking to find the people I came with. It is a warm autumn evening for the end of October. I think to myself that I have missed going out in the world.

Well, what a surprise, I meet an ex colleague and we start chatting. She’s telling me that she’s had enough and she’s considering changing her workplace. Oh, how I can relate to that! I know so well what’s like when your glass is full. I know how long it took me for a change after years of corporate world. We set up a one to one meeting to establish a strategy so that she can take the best and profitable decision for herself.

I manage to dance and laugh a bit. I really like this band and they do a pretty good cover of some cool songs. Even Enrique sounds powerful.  I’m introduced to a person who’s just opened a new shop in downtown area of my hometown, Cluj. I ask him if he’s got any previous experience in sales. In less than ten minutes he asks me if I know or if I have possible solutions about how to grow his business faster.

I can’t tell you when the evening has gone. All I can remember is that I started with “good evening/howdy/hello/hola” and I ended up with some business advice, Feng Shui recommendations, I’ve encouraged a friend to change her workplace and a young lady to do what she loves and open up her own business. As the old saying goes “Do what you love and you won’t have to work a single day in your life”.

Let’s try to relax and have fun together every time we get the chance. For certain our work will be more enjoyable when we do it and let’s make a strategy together.

I am Crina Iliescu and I gladly offer you a share of my knowledge and my experience. What I do is not a hobby, it is my life. You just have to choose the right time and the right place.

May you all have a successful week, filled with accomplishment and beautiful moments, at a personal and professional level!

I am going to Party? How About You?


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