My Dear Tamara


A letter to my friend, Tamara

My Dear Tamara,

It’s been a while since we talked on the phone. I like to speak to you, because I believe the contact and the voice is what people need and relate.

I am not good in writing this things down, but here I am. Right now I have a few minutes to clear my mind. I’m travelling for business, so now is the perfect time. I used to call you when in the airport I was waiting for my next flight. Or in the weekend mornings from my garden.

It’s been a while and for the first time, I decided to put down my words and my feelings so I will start with a big THANK YOU! Thank you for all what you did for me.

You taught me how to be better, what means to be centered, you open my eyes and my heart to Reiki, you encouraged me to have my own students; it is like you know right from the begging of what I am going to become and you supported me all the way, even when our life continued for a while on 2 different continents.

I was kind surprised when I realized it was already 7 years since I left California to continue my life, and my dreams in Europe.

So my dear Tamara, this is for you. I love you, you will always have a great place in my heart.

For the first time, I know and finally I get what you wanted to tell me – “BE QUITE”…and now I know why…Because GOD will SPEAK THROUGH YOU!!!.


From far away, but on the other hand, not far at all, this is to you. Farewell Tamara!



My wish to you, yes, the person reading this note is that each and all of you to find at least a Master, a Teacher or a Friend as I did in Tamara.


Let’s stay in touch and don’t forget to visit the shop!

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