When will I make money? What does it mean to be rich?

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Will I be rich? When will I make money? These are the two main questions I receive constantly during my sessions. It is strange for me to know the answer to such questions, especially when we can see in someone’s BaZi natal chart the potential of that person to make money.

These are usually what I call control questions. Everyone wants to be rich in one way or the other, but what does it mean to You to be rich? A villa on the French Riviera? Your company thriving and producing a profit of at least three zeros a month? To have a large family that gathers around the Sunday table every week?  This is what it means to be rich for me. But for you, my client, being rich might mean something totally different.

I would like you to ask me how you can make money quicker. This is beauty that only a Chinese metaphysical consultant can see. Only then the wheels inside my mind start spinning and I am trying to find a solution and a strategy only for you.

If we are talking about BaZi, we usually check the ten year luck pillars.  If we are talking about QiMen, we are checking the Wealth Palace according to the year chart. These are technical details, for the connoisseurs. The beauty of a good Chinese metaphysical consultant is that they know how to combine recommendations, schools, techniques, so that the recommendations are made only for you and as clear as possible. It doesn’t mean that my recommendations will seem easy to follow for you, but that means quick.

Now you will ask me what does quick means to You? Are we talking about years or months? Let’s not forget that one of the main requisites of Chinese metaphysics is that things we wish for are doable. I would love to have dinner with George Clooney tomorrow night in Cluj, but perhaps he is not in Cluj tomorrow night 🙂 .

„All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved.” – Sun Tzu

…so, when will I make money?

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