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„When I grow up I want to be…”

During final exams and University admissions I get lots of clients asking what profession would be more appropriate for their kids.

I find this a bit odd, I mean if you had the opportunity to find out your child’s potential, wouldn’t you want to guide them on a path where they can make some money, where they can do something they love and maybe even become SOMEBODY?

Why would you wait until they finish high school and ask this question right before the final exams?

In USA, children are tested on a very young age. They do this to find out what their aptitudes are.  This determines what kind of intelligence they excel at, so they can be guided towards the most beneficial career path.

In part, some of the companies from USA and Romania that I worked for, tested the employees using various profiling methods so that they can determine our potential as individuals, our potential within a team and how we react to various situations.

The same kind of system is BaZi, a profiling system which helps you identify strong and weak points, your potential as an individual and how you react to certain situations.

Talking about BaZi and how it can help us identify the type of job might be good for us, where we would be successful and how could we have more opportunities to make more money.

As you already know, the date and hour of birth give us information about the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water, and each of these elements represent something for us as individuals. BaZi system is based on the five element school.

According to the combination of these five elements with the zodiac signs, which are represented by animals in the Chinese astrology, or BaZi, under the principle of yin and yang, we can establish what is favourable for a person and what their profile is.

The profile of the person can be briefly explained as their own reflection, or how that person reacts, of course consciously or unconsciously to various situations and stages of life.

If we could succinctly make a list of some of the professions and characteristics of activities, fields and industries according to the five elements, these can be:

  • Wood industry
  • Education, culture
  • Working with live plants
  • Fashion industry
  • Promotions and customer care, service industry
  • Chinese metaphysics
  • Restaurants and food industry
  • IT industry
  • Estate business
  • Real estate industry
  • Insurance
  • Constructions
  • Finances
  • Jewellery
  • Auto industry
  • Mechanical industry
  • Tourism
  • Journalism
  • Transport and logistics

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