Why is the door so important? Inside or outside… A door!

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Today we will talk about the importance of the entrance door to your appartment. You will find the answer to this essential question: Why is the door so important?

When we build or we buy house or an apartment we pay attention to a lot of things: how old the property is, what type of structure, the layout, compartments, number of rooms, brightness, etc.

Very few times we think about the main entrance door.

According to an ancient Chinese proverb, “If your door is worth a thousand pieces of gold, your house is worth only four”.

Feng Shui point of view

What is the Feng Shui view on this? A good door is essential for your well-being. That is why some of us might pay extra attention when we do an audit.

According to the Feng Shui principles, the main entrance door is the mouth of the Qi, energy. The house becomes the Qi itself. The house receives its energy via its main entrance door. When a door closes or opens it flaps the Qi.

Apartment main entrance doors are essential because they are the only entrance to the abode. In the case of a house we can have more than just one entrance, and here the energy flux can come from several directions.

The traditional Feng Shui believes that both the structure and the direction or the position of the door are very important. The main entrance door, in the case of an apartment should be placed on the line of one of the four main positive directions of the house or in a favourable sector of the house.

The main entrance door must be solid, balanced, not too big but not too small either.

In addition to the fact that it should protect the house, it should harmonise itself with the Universal energy.

Some Feng Shui consultants’ say that the main entrance door must be solid, not made of glass. However, lately I have seen some main entrance door with glass panels on the top, which is acceptable.

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