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As Feng Shui consultants and Chinese metaphysics professionals are used to work with different types of Feng Shui analysis and, on another hand to take into account two aspects:

  1. The environment of a certain location and
  2. The energy or qi of a house, which is given by a combination of numbers (3), also named flying stars

By taking into account the Sky or the Energy of the sky, combined with the date of birth of the building, or the time when the Human moved into that location and the energy of the earth.

All these “give birth” to a house with a certain personality, completed by the numbers that represent the flying stars. The flying stars are an analysis of the way in which the space and time might influence a building.

Xuang Kong Fei Xing or the school of the flying stars is one of the most used Feng Shui methods. As you already know, any house has 9 sectors or palaces. Each palace or sector contains 3 flying stars, where a star is regarded a base star, one belongs to the face of the building (yang) and one belongs to the back of the building (yin).

TIME is the essence in Feng Shui. Nothing lasts forever, nothing is constant, and everything is changing. According to this principle, Qi moves cyclical, gradually, but not immediately, and that is why we speak of time lapses. In this moment, until 2024 we are in the period of 8. For example, a house that was built and inhabited in 2019 will have 8 still be in period 8 in 2020.

 “Front stars like WATER, activity and everything that is Yang…

Back stars love MOUNTAIN, inactivity and everything that is Yin…

Exterior forms activate the stars…

Ruthless forms activate unfavorable stars…

Ruthless forms activate the negative characteristics of favorable stars…

Sentimental forms activate favorable stars…

The stars, once activated, influence the inhabitants… “

*Risvan Rusu,”Feng Shui Traditinal. Manualul Practicantului” Editura Trinity

Below you can find a few cool flying stars combinations:

What you need to remember is:
  • These are general flying stars properties
  • Any Feng Shui analysis is done on the spot and is particular for each house.

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