Nobles in our life – „He is a nobleman!”

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„Come on! I’m waiting for you! What are you waiting for? You really don’t want to rush..”

This is what I heard early in the morning, at the beginning of a week, in a late autumn. Dear God, I was thinking, what was in my mind? Where are we going? I feel like I’m not in the mood. „I’m leaving now and I’m not waiting for you anymore! You really need to hurry.”

My thoughts were running like crazy in my mind. What is he talking about? Why did I say that I’m going to a course? Why did I say that I’m going with Z ? I’m wondering, about what will this man talk? Another course… I’m really not in the mod. Thank’s God I’m not the speaker, I’m just a simple participant for today’s class. That’s perfect, I tell to myself, I don’t have to pay much attention. You know, I am really not able to listen today.

I don’t remember exactly how the day passed, I just know that, at the end of the meeting I had an AHA moment. Even more, everything that I heard that day was finally making sense. I enrolled into the course from the first hour. Even more, I paid all the courses in advance for one year. And I asked for more, I asked for private sessions with that teacher. He was trying to convince me, to tell me that maybe it is not necessary, let’s try one month, he said, to see if we are a match, but I refused.

I asked and I paid from the first session since we met: the theory session, courses and 1-1 practice. Everything paid in advance for one year. Some of you may say that this is how I am, spontaneous. Maybe I am, but I certainly don’t secure a place and pay everything in full and in advance for one year.

That’s how I come into my first contact with the school of 5 elements, in a rainy autumn day, on another continent. Time passed, my life carried me on another continent and I come to realize that Z was a noble person in my life. Yes, I saw him one single year, we worked together one single year and today our life carried us on different roads.

Who are these nobles and what do they represent?

In BaZi or in Chinese astrology, the nobles in our life are like angels.  In fact, they appear in a body and they are those people that appear at some point in your life, to help you with one information or with one action. Even more, they can send you a message, a news for example, a useful information and so on.

Did it happen to you to meet some people by chance, who come up with an idea that you hear for the first time and without too much thinking, you say „YES”, we do as you say. Even if you rationally wonder why, you don’t know them , but you seem to trust those people.

How can we find these nobles in our life?

In the Asian philosophy it is said that we are one of the luckiest people if we benefit from the help of nobles. Regardless of the moment in our lives, the presence of the nobles is somehow considered a catalyst for success. It’s something powerful, it generate an event that you will often remember.

We can be one of the luckiest and be born with these nobles in our life. In BaZi, determined by the date of birth we can have these nobles in the year pillar and in a way it means that we have a chances to meet them in the business environment for example. Or, if we have the nobles in the month pillar we can meet them in the office. If they are in the pillar of the day, they are those mentors we can meet in our circle of friends or even might be a teachers.

Let us not forget that the pillar of the month and the pillar of the year are our external area, but on the other hand the pillar of the day and the pillar of the hour are our internal area, our friends, our family and so on.

On the other hand, we can be nobles for other peoples.

For the people who are not born with this star, or it takes too long until they reach one of the pillars of 10 years, there is another solution. But the best part is that each of us can activate the star of the nobles, using Feng Shui. The activation can be made in the house where the person lives or in the office.

I use the star of the nobles and I activate it with Feng Shui. For example, I moved my office in a location measured with the compass, a specific and beneficial location for me, and which represents my noble.

Do you want more details about the nobels in your life? Do you have any questions? You know where to find me or contact me:

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